Why We Love Slack Country Living

Discover Why We Love Slack Country Living

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Slack Country LIving is more than just our store name - it’s a way of life. Located in Golden, British Columbia, we know what it means to live the Rocky Mountain lifestyle. It’s our passion to share the magic of that lifestyle with you! So, today we’re going to touch on some of the things that make us truly love Slack Country Living.

Craftsman dad teaching the tools of the trade to his young son

A Family of Makers

At Slack Country Living, we’re proud to support local crafters and makers and produce our own craft goods. Our current specialties include copper enamelled jewelry, rustic farm furniture, rustic signage, and farmhouse home decor. We also carry products from local craftspeople in the Golden area. If you’re a maker in or around Golden, get in touch with us! We’d love to carry your products or even collaborate on a creative project with you!

Farmer standing in front of feeding cows

Supporting Farmers

We are here to support our local farmers in the Golden, BC, area and, as such, do everything we can to support their success. At our Slack Country Living shop, you’ll find all the farm essentials you need, including feed for a variety of livestock animals and domesticated pets. Come into the mercantile and let us know how we can help you!

Aging barn nestled in a rolling mountain valley

Honest Slackcountry Living

Slack Country is a term skiers and riders use to describe “easy-to-reach backcountry.” It was the perfect term for us, because we wanted to combine the wonder and joy of the Canadian Rockies with our love of sharing this magical place with visitors. We think some time in Slack Country will do anyone good, so come and visit us today!

Duo traversing the Rocky Mountains with Packs on

Our Love of the Canadian Rocky Mountains

Mountain life is not an easy life, but it's a rewarding life. There’s a natural wonder to the Canadian Rockies that we at Slack Country Living fully embrace. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to preserve our area’s natural beauty by supporting our community, farmers and local crafters and makers while sharing our love of our area with wide-eyed guests.

Starting to see why we love Slack Country Living so much? It represents simplicity, hard work, and true, natural beauty. Now it’s time for you to come see it first-hand. Plan your visit to our location in Golden, BC, today. We guarantee that, when you leave, you’ll love Slack Country Living as much as we do!

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