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What Is a Mercantile Store?

There are countless mesmerizing locations across Canada, but what is it about a place that makes it special? What makes it nostalgic or makes it feel like home? In the great white north, it’s often considered to be the people and the things that we build. In Golden, British Columbia, the people are Jacquie and Pearson Farnsworth, and what they built was Slack Country Living. Read on to find out what makes mercantile stores like this one so special.


Origins Of Mercantile

Mercantile establishments began as country stores, general stores, and trading posts in sparsely populated regions. Each store showcased fashion and accessories amidst a wide array of local merchandise. Not much has changed about these quaint, homestyle edifices. These shops tend to appear unchanged and their legacy has stood the test of time.


What Makes These Shops Special?

The vast majority of mercantile shops feature the designs and artisanal makings of local artists and craftsmen and women from around the area. Slack Country Living is no different. We love our local makers, and they provide us with some of the most beautiful and traditional craftsmanship in all of Canada. With their help, we hope to provide a true Rocky Mountain lifestyle experience.


Saturdays Were Made For Slack Country

Saturdays are special in Slack Country. Back in the day, going into town Saturday morning was a treat; shopping, socializing and letting off a little steam after a long week of work. We aim to bring that tradition back to our guests and customers. Come up to Slack Country Living this Saturday and see for yourself.


History Of Trade Lives On

These mercantile shops that are so recognizable encapsulate the tradition and value of honest work and trade. The exchange of goods and services are what built Western Canada, and these special places carry on the lineage and keep the tradition alive.

As the stories get passed down through the generations, so do the stories and the lessons of craftsmanship they carry. Each one of these elements play a fundamental role in sustaining this cherished lifestyle, and preserving the things that make it so special. Slack Country Living intends to do the same. Come visit us in person or online and see for yourself.

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