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Golden Skybridge: A Must-See While Visiting British Columbia

When you’re planning a trip to British Columbia this spring and summer, you may be wondering what activities and places are a must see! This year, we recommend the Golden Skybridge, which is not only a feat of engineering, but a fun must-see activity for the whole family! Come with us today as we explore more about this skybridge.

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Reopening for the Season

This year’s summer season is right around the corner, meaning that the Golden Skybridge is opening for visitors! This year, the bridge will reopen on Friday, May 13th, 2022. With the bridge and the experiences we offer opening on the same day, you and the whole family will have fun things to do while in British Columbia.


Explore Nature from a Bird’s Eye View

Why exactly is the Golden Skybridge such a must-see attraction? There are many reasons! Not only is it one of Canada’s highest suspension bridges, but it’s also a fun place to visit for stunning views, photo opportunities, and family-friendly activities! The bridge is just one of the many parts of the Golden Skybridge Experience!


Canada’s Highest Suspension Bridges

The Golden Skybridge perches over 400 feet high over an expansive canyon in the Columbia Valley, and the breathtaking views from the bridge will have you savoring the beauty of nature. The picturesque countryside is just one of the many fun and memorable parts of the experience that the whole family will appreciate!

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Great for the Whole Family

The Golden Skybridge also offers activities for the whole family, so whether it’s a stop along the way for a family road trip or it’s your day’s destination, there are tons of activities to enjoy! You and the kiddos can explore the treetop village play park or try out the skybridge zipline experience. If you want to enjoy nature to the fullest, you can hike and explore the forest and canyon ridge walking trails, too. Of course, once you’re hungry, the whole family can refuel at the Village Grill, which is the perfect grab-and-go location for food before you hit the road again!

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